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How it works

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Healthcare Economy

Economy fundamental reserves
Economical growth impact
  • 20% - DAYS Health Index (circulation policy)
  • 20% - Grants for R&D, venture investments
  • 20% - Direct Investment in infrastructure projects
Economic Blockchain panel
AI driven algorithm for regulation of tokens in circulation
Scientific Blockchain panel
Credits scoring & distribution system
4D free diagnostics
Unit-linked insurance
Life insurance
4P free medicine

Our MissionTo expand and upgrade the life of each participant of the DAYS healthcare economy.

- DAYS INDEX - Longevity

DAYS provides benefits:Each token holder becomes part of an ecosystem aimed at high-grade life extension. Although DAYS are not securities, but may be sold, or exchanged for internal loyalty units - credits. Credits provide you benefits for sharing DAYS messaging

Economic benefits

- BENEFITS from DAYS INDEX portfolio growth

- Capital gains from operations on exchanges

- Accumulation of credits

Healthcare Benefits

- Free 4D diagnostics

- Free 4P medical services

- Innovative life-extension techniques


- Accumulative insurance

- Life insurance

DAYS Road Map

WhitepaperSee details on how DAYS System is to transform contributions and eforts of adopters into disruption of 7 markets with cumulative turnover - $21 Trillion.

Token structureTGE will be held monthly, with 5% of DAYS total supply each offering and the discount reduction of the DAYS.
The first DAYS issue soft cap - 50 mln.EUR

Role of Token
Each DAYS token represents an option
Supply (including bonuses)
Price for first TGE
50 eurocent per token DAYS (discount 50%)
Supply for first TGE
500 000 000 days
Accepted Currencies
FIRST TGE starts
We need 50 mln EUR
800k EUR Attracted now

Token Allocation ICO

  • Team: 15%
  • Angels: 5%
  • Partners: 10%
  • Fundraisers: 54%
  • Reserve: 16%

Use of Proceeds

  • Day’s reserve fund: 70%
  • Software IS development: 3%
  • Marketing: 10%
  • SG&A: 5%
  • Med equipment & program: 12%
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Blockchain technology is using in DAYS project for: rating processing; a combination of data analitics and expert blockchain panel for assured decisions on investments (be selected during Longevy Impact Forum; incentive alignment (loyalty program called Credits and Proof of Work lead generation), and continuous change management (voted by DAYS holders).

Hybrid Insurance

Days unit-linked insurance smart contracts converted to LIF Loyalty Credits provide holders with free medicine after 5 years in LIF system. Days are to motivate contributors to participate in the investment process and the distribution.

4D lifespan technology © and 4P Medicine.

DAYS will verify and provide contributors with the open-source 4D lifespan methodology. Simultaneously, DAYS makes an acceleration of investments in concerted initiatives of 4P medicine (preventive, personalized, precise, and predictive).

Artificial Intelligence

As McKinsey make clear in the Global private payors report: A trillion-euro growth opportunity in the private health-insurance industry is linked by the rapid progress being made in digitization and advanced analytics are prompting many consumers to take a more active role in determining the health services they receive. It is possible by implementation of an comprehensive AI system.

Medical App and wearables

Big data tracking multiple dimensions of individual health provide personalized, actionable healthspan information. Any data that comes from medical App and devices that contain protected health information must be HIPAA-compliant. Patient access to his health data will be part of DAYS system.

Big data

Personalized data will be de-identified and aggregated to provide insights into lifespan domains. DAYS will collaborate with World Health Organization and OECD in secure transfer, linkage and analysis of health data RECOGNISING that public trust and confidence in the protection of personal health data must be maintained if the benefits achievable through its processing in compliance with privacy laws and policies




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DAYS Capital AG, Neuhofstrasse 5A, 6340 Baar / Zug Switzerland
+41 41 769 30 30

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